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An Interview from The Drummond Ranch - Art of a Cowboy

  Art of a Cowboy's Steve Boaldin visiting with Jack Drummond at The Drummond Ranch It was a busy afternoon at The Drummond Ranch out between Pershing and Pawhuska the afternoon I drove in.  Film crews were on deck as another episode of Art of a Cowboy was in the makings where artist Steve Boaldin not only cowboys with the ranchers, but also puts the experience on canvas. The Drummond Ranch Prepare to be captivated when you tune in as you get the chance to explore the back pastures of beautiful ranches and hear from the owners about their heart for this way of life.  "Cowboying really is an art," Boaldin said in our interview.  From dragging calves to breaking horses, long have been the traditions, customs, and skilled abilities that can only be found in the cowboy way of life.  "I let the ranchers tell their stories," but, what Boaldin does with the inspiration from those stories is nothing less than amazing!  Painting since the age of 18, he has become famous

Bacon, Beans, and Limousines

  Bacon, Beans, and Limousines “What this country needs is cleaner minds and dirtier fingernails.”   - Will Rogers   Spectacular vernacular or vocabulary that’s anything but ordinary can throw a lasso around an audience and have them hog-tied and spellbound without a moment’s notice.   Applicability and resonating substance that dance through off-the-cuff public speaking - stirred in with a good sense of wit and humor – is a recipe for impacting a territory and changing the atmosphere of a country.   Throw in a sheepish grin and twinkling eyes from underneath a cowboy hat – and hearts may even melt as well. Let’s turn the clock back to the days when Frank Phillips would host guests from all walks of life out at his ranch, better known today as Woolaroc .   One frequent guest at the ranch was none other than Oklahoma’s Native Son – Mr. Will Rogers . It was the days of Wiley Post, aviation, Bonnie & Clyde, the Great Depression, the oil boom, the Reign of Terror, the dust

10 Must-See Things To Do In Osage County

  There are so many many Must-See's when you visit Osage Co., OK - but we are going to start you off with 10 of our favorites!  We will be following up this blog with more of our favorites too!  There's just so much to love here in Oklahoma's Sweet Spot! Woolaroc 1.  Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve          Woolaroc is the historic ranch of oil tycoon, Frank Phillips of Phillips 66.  Not only will you get to drive through beautiful countryside and see exotic game such as elk, bison, zebras, and more - but you will get to roam through the 50,000 sq. ft. world-class museum! Also, Woolaroc has a seasonal petting zoo and playground for the kids to enjoy! 1925 Woolaroc Ranch Rd Bartlesville, OK 74003 918-336-0307 Frederick & Addie Drummond Home 2.  The Frederick & Addie Drummond Home          This beautiful piece of yesterday is located on the brick streets of Hominy.  Tour this historic home where the Drummond dynasty began in the 1800s! 305 N Price Ave. Hominy,

So You're Thinkin' About Visiting Broken Bow... :)

  Soooo.... you're thinking about visiting Broken Bow, Oklahoma !  You'll LOVE their cabins and their views - and be sure to shop Hochatown while you're there - BUT Did you know, when you're in Broken Bow you're just a four-hour road trip from Pawhuska - home of The Pioneer Woman , the Osage Nation , and the home of all things western??? When you visit Broken Bow, put Osage County on your planner as well and come up for a little cultural exchange!  Visit The Pioneer Woman Mercantile , explore the Osage Nation Museum - the oldest tribal museum in the United States, take a tour with Roaming the Osage Historic Tours , enjoy the beauty of the Tulsa Botanic Garden , dive into the lore and more at Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve, dine at Mac's Barbeque in Skiatook or Mandy's up in Shidler , enjoy one of the many yearly events at the Osage County Fairgrounds , and watch the sunset from the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve where over 2,500 head of bison r

I'll Drive - You Ride Shotgun

Lincoln Originally written for the Bartlesville Monthly Magazine.  :) “ Oh, say can you see, by the dawn’s early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming? ”   I’m sitting here writing this in mid-January ahead of the inauguration but after the storming of Capitol Hill…   Another song comes to mind as well, “ Grandpa, tell me ‘bout the good ‘ol days.   Sometimes it feels like this world’s gone crazy .” If you don’t mind, can we talk?   I learned back in the days of driver's ed that whatever you focus on, you’ll head towards.   Today it’s a full-time job to try to keep your eyes on the horizon rather than on the divisive distractions from the left and from the right.   I’m here to invite you to hop in “Blackie” (my little black car) and let’s take a drive and get away from it all.   I’ll drive and you ride shotgun.   Let’s road trip it to the Osage. Bluestem Falls just west of Pawhuska Osage Co. is my get-away place.  I’m blessed every morning when I get to

Taking You Inside of Coppola's "The Outsiders" with Danny O'Connor

"Danny O'Connor is a giant of a man in more than just stature..."  I think that's how I'm going to start out the next article for the Bartlesville Monthly Magazine I'm about to write this week.  :) Located on the edge of the Osage is a little piece of history paired with a big slice of personality.  The Outsider's House Museum owned by former rapper, Danny O'Connor, is located in northern Tulsa and is the original filming location of Francis Coppola's " The Outsiders " movie.  Join in on this insightful conversation about what brought a California rapper to lay down one lifestyle to invest himself into another.   Click the link below.  :) Osagin' It Podcast with Danny O'Connor