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Trenches Got Ya In Their Clinches???

  Retreat to Osage Co. Retreat can mean a couple of things.   First, to run away.   You know like in a battle, “Retreat, retreat!”   Second, a retreat can be a place of rejuvenation and peace - where refreshing takes place.   To put them together and to throw in my thoughts on the matter, I think everyone needs their own personal “ retreat ” to which one can “ retreat ” when the day comes to an end - a place where the opinions of man drop outside the front door like luggage left on the stoop.   A retreat to be retreated to often where the load comes off like a trench coat draped across a foyer chair - to be left there until time to step back out into the trenches… Ever feel that way?   You know, like you want to sound the battle cry, “Retreat!”   Life can make you feel that way sometimes.   People can make you feel that way sometimes.   It’s normal, but when it hits you like a cannon ball, it’s nice to have a place to go – your own personal retreat. I thought I would let you in

New Faces in New Places

Former CEO Bob Fraser and new CEO Kevin Hoch  Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve is looking new in more ways than one!  Just completed is their new welcome center where new meeting spaces are available for private events and corporate meetings.  Not only that, but you can now enjoy dining at their new Prairie Dome Cafe where you can enjoy a juicy bison burger with all the trimmings!   Plus there's a new face at the ranch as my dear friend,  Mr. Bob Fraser , is passing the baton onto the next CEO of Woolaroc, Mr. Kevin Hoch. Giving you an inside peek, true to Woolaroc's style, this new facility incorporates the elements of the great outdoors into the decor of their new facility. How long has it been since you've loaded up the family and taken them for an afternoon of adventure at the famous ranch of former oil tycoon, Frank Phillips?  You can explore thousands of acres of beauty and 50,000 square feet of museum amazement! Be sure to make plans to attend the big Cow Thie

Sunshine, Smiles, and September!

  All month long, we have events rolling to keep you entertained and coming back for more Osage County smiles and sunshine!  Click above for all the info on Skiatook's upcoming Pioneer Days celebration on September 23-25th at Central Park .  Thursday night will kick it all off with Thomas Martinez performing live from the Pioneer Day stage! That same weekend will be the BIG Cow Thieves & Outlaws Reunion out at Woolaroc with live music, vendors, dinner & dancing! Labor Day Weekend is sure to be hopping out at Skiatook Lake at CrossTimbers Marina - and we have a little inside scoop for you!   Boat rentals on Monday - Labor Day - will be at the reduced week-day rate, just as if it were a normal weekday!! So, come get that last little bit of fun in the sun before Fall sets in and enjoy Skiatook Lake with a boat or jet ski rental at CrossTimbers Marina!  They even have tubes, water skis, whatever you might need to make a Monday memorable! PS - They even have lodging availabl

Apple Studios Shocks The Pawhuska Chamber!

  During the filming for "Killers of the Flower Moon," you just never knew who you might see... Every now and then things just work out... It was at a chamber board meeting when Greg Ganzkow tossed out the idea of asking if maybe Martin Scorsese might sign a " Killers of the Flower Moon " book for our chamber gala auction that was coming up on August 28th. I immediately thought, "What a great idea." My next thought was how that might be possible - but, never say never!! With all the filming taking place in downtown Pawhuska, I had been able to establish some contacts in the field with agents working for Apple Studios and decided to call up my friend, Mike Fantasia.  I explained the details of this being a fundraiser for the chamber and tossed out the idea.  To my surprise, Mike was on board with it and asked me to submit my request in writing for him to pass along to Apple Studio executives and to the Martin Scorsese team. Mike Fantasia with Apple Stud

Rocky Mountain High - In Osage Co.

  “ Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River. Life is old there, older than the trees.  Younger than the mountains, growin’ like a breeze.  Country roads take me home to the place I belong .”  No, that’s not it…  How about, “ Rocky Mountain High, in Colorado.  Rocky Mountain High, in Colorado .”  Yes!  That’s the one I’m looking for!  I knew it was a John Denver song that captured the feeling I had when I first met Neil and Teresa Fisher, our newest attraction owners in Osage County. Out west of Pawhuska on Highway 60, the Old West Buffalo Co. has staked their claim and we think, will soon hit pay dirt on their Oklahoma sod due to their one-of-a-kind experience offered on their homestead.  Tour Groups Welcome! Coming to Osage Co. from Colorado, the Fishers are new to the territory.  Due to extreme Covid restrictions last year in the Rocky Mountain state, Neil and Teresa began exploring other locations for their Buffalo Co. – and one day when driving through

You'll Never Meet A Stranger

It was just about breakin' daylight when I pulled up to the pens.  I was supposed to get there around 6am, and you might say I was right on time.  The horses were saddled and the donuts that the Superior Livestock man had brought with him had already been half-eaten by the time I made it to the scale house where the box remained on a wooden bench. Chris Ball was there with a witty grin and a friendly " hello. "  Chris is a man who doesn't have to say much to get much said.  The trucks were on their way and the cattle were soon headed into the pens and across the scales.  It was a day known as "shipping" on the Ball Ranch in beautiful northeastern Osage County.   Following my time at the pens, I went up to the headquarters where sweet Cathi Ball had fixed me a cowboy breakfast that included toast, a fried egg, bacon, and coffee.  We sat there in her breakfast nook, sun streaming through the window, and visited over affairs of the heart and the Pawhuska news o