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Clark Gable in Osage County, OK

 I just love little tidbits like this... It was the summer of 1920 when Clark Gable hopped off the train in Bigheart, Oklahoma (today’s Barnsdall, Oklahoma). His step-mother had died in 1919 and his father was already in Bigheart working in the booming oil fields in Osage County. To get Clark to come, his father told him there was an acting group there he could join - but in truth, William only told his son that to get him to make the trip from Ohio to Oklahoma. Over 40 years later, Clark Gable still recalled his time in Bigheart. He said there was constantly the sound of oil rigs. The town was filled with everything from con men and prostitutes to nice family folks. Clark resided in a shotgun home on Walnut Street that is still there today. While there, he also purchased a motorcycle and sang with a local quartet. In late 1921, Gable received a small inheritance from his grandfather when he turned 21. In January of 1922, Clark Gable left Oklahoma and went on to become the King of Holl

Black Hats & Bluegrass

Pictured:  Mike Williams, Dan Nieto, Steve Huhn, Nick Alberty, Roger Sparks, & The Tourism Gal I've said it before - but I'll say it again.  If I'm doing my job right, it will look like I have the fun-est job in Oklahoma.  (And I kinda think I do! )  The Tallgrass Music Festival provided the perfect backdrop for a little bit of that fun this past weekend, as I got to have SpringStreet over to the house to record an episode of Osagin' It - the Osage Co. Tourism podcast. Every year in Skiatook, SpringStreet is one of the headline bands that takes the stage to perform at this two-day event, and I was thrilled when they agreed to do the pod.  Black hats and Bluegrass filled the living room - and you just know The Tourism Gal was loving every minute of it! But like Nick Alberty, lead vocalist, said laughingly in the podcast, "If you can't have fun at a Bluegrass Festival, something's wrong with you."  I might tend to agree with Nick - especially when

Driving Miss Gracee - SHRIVER!

  As I walked down the hall of the Osage Casino, who had graciously comped a room for Skiatook's guest performer's use that afternoon, I wasn't sure what to expect when I knocked on the door.  I was there to do an interview with  The Voice's sensation,   Gracee Shriver ,  for an episode of the  " Osagin' It "  podcast.   I was greeted by her mom and other family members who welcomed me into the room as if I were the celebrity.  Gracee stepped around the corner as soon as her makeup stylist finished the last touches, and her big smile and down-to-earth friendliness set the stage for a very easy-flowing conversation. She was genuine, articulate, confident, mature beyond her age, and a girl with a vision.  I was impressed, to say the least.  But that was nothing as to how impressed I was when she took the stage at Central Park in Skiatook!  It made me think back to an interview for a podcast episode with music icon and legend, Mr. Jim Halsey .  I remembered h

10 Affordable Things To Do On Sunday When You Visit Pawhuska

  Country music singer, Craig Morgan, may be cat-napping on his porch swing on Sundays,  and Osage County may be taking a day off -  but here are  10 Affordable Things To Do   when you find yourself in the Osage  on a Sunday: 1.  Sleep in . :) Enjoy a little more of that Osage County hospitality we are known for  in one of our many gorgeous AirBNB Properties,  Boutique Hotels,  or retro motels like the  Black Gold in Pawhuska. Liberty Ranch Lodging on AirBNB 2.  Attend a church service with the locals . Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Pawhuska Did you know the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Pawhuska is famous for its stained glass windows dating back to WWI?? 3.  Take a drive through the country along the Osage Nation Heritage Trail.  All of our highways are scenic byways! Scenic Stop between Pawhuska and Bartlesville on Hwy 60 4.  Tour The Ben Johnson Cowboy Museum in Pawhuska,  the Frederick Drummond Home in Hominy,  or Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve near

High Heels and Bare Feet - In the Kitchen With Julie Sneed Womack

  We had planned our meeting for last week but something came up that prevented us from getting together; however, Julie had told me she had gotten her hair done, as well as her nails when she thought we were still going to meet... sooooo, I decided to greet her at the door this morning dressed to the nines with even my heels on. I love hospitality and having company, and the fact that we were recording this podcast in my kitchen just suited me to a tee.   Julie rang my doorbell at just about 10am and greeted me with a smile - and an arm full of scones and housewarming gifts. Blessed and touched, I led her into the kitchen where the coffee was brewing, put the scones out on a pretty plate, and invited her to make herself at home.    I knew this was going to be an enjoyable visit when the first thing she asked was if she could pull her shoes off.  :)  Much to my pleasure I kicked mine off too and we sat down to coffee and Trader Joe's scones - and one of the easiest visits I've

Pawhuska - 10 Things To Do After Visiting The Pioneer Woman Mercantile!

  Pawhuska - with The Pioneer Woman Mercantile, P-Town Pizza, Charlie's Sweet Shop , and The Pioneer Woman Lodge -  has reasons enough for you to visit Osage County;  BUT , there's more - so much more!  Here are 10 great things to do on your visit: 1.  Take a drive over to Hominy and visit the Frederick Drummond Historic Home on Price Ave. and see where the dynasty all began!  You can tour this historic home and even hear the stories of when it all began with Frederick and Addie Drummond.  While in Hominy, be sure to stop in the Cha' Tullis Gallery downtown and have a coffee or lunch at Buck's ! 2.  Visit Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve just east of Barnsdall.  This beautiful ranch of oil tycoon Frank Phillips boasts a 50,000 sq. ft. world-class museum amidst the beauty of the Osage Hills.  You can even enjoy a buffalo burger at the ranch! 3.  Plan to have supper at Mac's Barbeque in Skiatook.  Did you know Southern Living Magazine named Mac's Barbequ